World of Graševina

Where every moment is golden

„We are the destination of warm Slavonian welcome, top winemakers, ancient heritage and preserved nature in which together we create memorable experiences. We are the World of Graševina.“

Come and discover the World of Graševina!

In Požega-Slavonia County, on the gentle slopes of Dilj, Psunj, Papuk, Požega mountain and Krndija, there is the World of Graševina, a place where you discover the gold which fulfills our soul.

Good people, award-winning wines, a sumptuous buffet, preserved traditions, this is exactly that kind of gold which never loses its brilliance.

The story of the World of Graševina is the story of people, their perseverance, passion, effort and hard work over the past, nowadays and in the future. It is the story about their connection and synergy through love and respect for nature and the soil, about their homeland, their belonging to a universal culture of winegrowing and winemaking, and last but not least about their passion of producing top quality wines.

The Museum of Bećarac, which opened in 2023, and the House of Graševina and the SpahijaCellar, which are still in creation, will be the main grape berries of the World of Graševina.

These three attractions will make everyone familiar with the golden mosaic of fabulous beauty which adorns this region.

Whether you like top quality wine, delicious food, beautiful nature, rich cultural heritage or unforgettable experiences, the golden World of Graševina is waiting for you.

The Map of the World of Graševina

Kutjevo Castle Požega City Museum Rudine Heads Aquapark Shhhuma


Lipik State Stud Farm ↑
Lipik Thermal Baths



PC Spahija Cellar
Janković Manor House
Pakrac Old Town ↑
Omanovac Mountain Hut
Pakrac City Museum ↓



Požega County Palace
↑ Worshippers of the wine saints
Požega City Museum
↓ Visitor’s Centre Požega House
Požega City Library
Sokol Trail
Sokolovac Mountain



IC Museum of Bećarac
IC Terra Pannonica
Croatian Library and Reading Hall
↑ Starac Educational Trail and Viewpoint
↓ Rose and Wine Route



Kutjevo Wine Cellar
Kutjevo Castle
↑ Villa Vinkomir
House of Graševina
(planned opening in 2026)


↑ Kaptol Old Town
Kaptol Archaeological Site


↑ Castle of Baron Trenk

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