Spahija Cellar

World of Graševina treasury – project in progress

„We are a magical place where, together with us, you enrich your life and community.“

Opening 2023

Grandpa being an old cottage dweller, Grandma goes to the fortune-teller, but you please come and visit Spahija Cellar!

Here we keep the treasure to our heart so great a pleasure

The Visitor’s Centre of the Spahija Cellar in Pakrac is meant to keep carefully and to represent gracefully the various material, cultural and spiritual treasures of the World of Graševina.

The Spahija Cellar will be a combination of library, museum and a place to explore the gastronomic and oenological offer. This unique merger creates an innovative entity which provides an interesting and complete insight into the cultural life of this region.

Croatia’s first coin mint was located in Pakrac, which will be an important part of the heritage presented in the exposition units „From the banovac to the kuna“ and „Our homeland“. The exhibit „Slavonian banovac“ will introduce this historical coin considered as the forerunner of our kuna, which itself has become part of history recently.

The best place for wine barrels is the cellar. Therefore, one of the interpretation points of the Spahija Cellar will also contain original oak barrels. The curious visitor will be able to learn a lot about the tradition of cooperage and Graševina, and he will discover the diverse offer of wine and cultural tourism.

All this and so much more will make visitors expand their knowledge of wine culture, history, traditions and customs, professions and skills and all other elements of tangible and spiritual culture of the World of Graševina in an interesting and accessible manner.