House of Graševina

Home of the World of Graševina – project in progress

„We create experiences of a hundred-year tradition of Kutjevo winemakers who will inspire and entertain you.“

Opening 2026

Where the crowd is not angry at all, the house is never too small!

Welcome to our house!

Every house needs solid foundations. The tradition of Graševina winegrowing and our wish to preserve, to improve and to pass it on to future generations are the foundation on which we will build the House of Graševina in Kutjevo.

Once it will open its doors, there will meet under the same roof amateurs and professionals, tourists and students, local residents and visitors from all over the world, experienced wine lovers and students eager for new knowledge.

This space is conceived as a whole in which smaller spaces with different purposes will be combined, thus enabling the implementation of educational programs, creative workshops, exhibitions, presentations, academic meetings, thematic gatherings and all other types of social encounters. All this will make it possible to interpret all contents of the World of Graševina in a high-quality way.

The lively atmosphere of the house can be felt in the Tasting Room, where you can enjoy the best wines from local producers and from elsewhere, all this in company of an expert guide. VinLab and GastroLab will make sure that the wine and gastronomic offer of this region are well represented. There are galleries for permanent and occasional interactive and classic exhibitions as well as the ValisHonesta Auditorium designed for various types of social events. The smallest ones will be able to enjoy the Children’s Corner, full of contents that encourage the development of creativity and motoric skills.

The House of Graševina will represent a platform for research, learning, fun, socialising, storytelling. It will be the visitors’ starting point for further research on Slavonian wine regions and authentic wine tourism attractions: vineyards, wineries and wine cellars.

We believe that this place will become an indispensable starting point for all those who want to get to know the World of Graševina. We look forward to every guest who will knock at our door.