About the Project

Project name

World of Graševina (Spahija Cellar, Museum of Bećarac, branding), KK.

Short description of the project

The World of Graševina is a unique project that uses wine identity and cultural heritage in the branding of the entire region, designed to support the tourism sector of Požega-Slavonia County. The backbone of the World of Graševina is made up of three different visitor infrastructures and wine tourism attractions, located in Pleternica (Museum of Bećarac), Pakrac (Spahija Cellar) and Kutjevo wine region (House of Graševina). The “World of Graševina” project as a whole is composed of six main activities that are consisted of different sub-activities. The activities are complex in such a way as to ensure the legitimate development of the project as a whole and to ensure its complete sustainability, management, promotion and visibility through the project’s implementation. Through this project, it is planned to finance the destinations of “World of Graševina”, which combine the construction and equipping of the “Museum of Bećarac Interpretation Center” in Pleternica and the “Spahija Cellar” in Pakrac. In addition to visitor facilities, program and presentation documentation were prepared, education and professional training were carried out, management infrastructure was established, and the costs of promoting the “World of Graševina” as a brand were covered.

Objectives and expected results of the project

The general goal of the project is the improvement and development of the cultural-historical tourist offer based on the reconstruction and furnishing of the existing cultural heritage of the Spahija Cellar and the interior decoration and furnishing of the newly built Museum of Bećarac building, which will improve the tourist potential of the destination by creating new jobs and increasing the income of SMEs, which will contribute to sustainable socio-economic development at the level of Požega-Slavonia County.

The specific goal of the project is the establishment of the Spahija Cellar Visitor Center and the Museum of Bećarac Interpretation Center by integrating various programs for the valorisation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage and by raising the awareness of the local population about the value of their own heritage, which will stimulate the development of specialized and authentic service activities and activities that make up the centre’s offer, especially in the field of winemaking, oenology, gastronomy, i.e. various educational, scientific and tourist programs.

The expected results of the project are: developing a model of sustainable development of cultural tourism in the city of Pakrac and the city of Pleternica through central cultural tourism facilities that will directly influence the increase in the number of visitors, the number of overnight stays and tourist demand; employees of the Interpretation Centers trained for communication with target groups and end users in order to ensure the continuity of the increase in the number of visits to the mentioned localities; created strategic and management documentation, study and implementation documentation of branding, and study and implementation documentation for arranging the infrastructure for visitors and the promotion of the “World of Graševina”.

Total project value and amount co-financed by the EU

Total project value: 8.729.448,53 EUR

EU co-financing: 7.364.372,49 EUR

Project implementation period

From 29 September 2017 to 29 June 2023


City of Pakrac


  • City of Pleternica
  • Požega-Slavonia County
  • Pakrac City Museum
  • Pakrac City Library
  • Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonia County
  • Public Institution of Pleternica

Technical assistance in project preparation and implementation

Regional Development Coordinator of Požega-Slavonia County

Contact person for more information

City of Pakrac
Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 18
34550 Pakrac
Contact person: Zrna Garača, senior expert associate for economy and EU funds
Contact number: 034/411-080

Pakrac City Museum
Ulica hrvatskih velikana 2
34550 Pakrac
Contact person: Jelena Hihlik, director
Contact number: 034/411-181

Pakrac City Library
Dr. Franje Tuđman Square 1
34550 Pakrac
Contact person: Monika Lucić Fider, Director
Contact number: 034/411-716

Public Institution of Pleternica
Trg hrvatskih branitelja 1
34310 Pleternica
Contact person: Jasna Hoffmann, Director
Contact number: 034/251-006

City of Pleternica
Trg hrvatskih branitelja 1
Contact number: 034/251-046

Požega-Slavonia County
Županijska 7
34000 Požega
Contact person: Jelena Ferdebar Hak, Head of the Administrative Department for Economy
Contact number: 034/290-272

Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonia County
Županijska 7
34000 Požega
Contact person: Maja Jakobović, Director
Contact number: 034/ 290-262

Regional Development Coordinator of Požega-Slavonia County
Županijska 7
34000 Požega
Contact person: Iva Gamauf, Project Manager
Contact number: 034/638-697